Monday, October 26, 2009

Boosh Lip Sync!

Holy crap I'm starting an acting animation! I have absolutely no lip sync or acting pieces on my reel, which the guys at ILM said was a must, and I've only ever done ONE years ago at Ex'pression (which was terrible). Needless to say, it was time. So, I'm using this clip from a very funny show called The Mighty Boosh:

And here's what I have so far. I love Creature Comforts and thought it would be funny to make the characters fighting monkeys. You really should work from the body poses first and do the facial/sync last, but who am I to do things correctly? I started with the mouth, then did the eyes/brows, and then the head.. and my reasoning for this (aside from lack of patience) is that psychologically all the actions of the body start from the head, so shouldn't the emotion start there? Kinda like how my buddy Travis would animate using only IK hands for a long time because he believed hands led the arms. Check it out!